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GDU O2 Wifi FPV With 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance RC Drone Quadcopter

GDU O2 Wifi FPV With 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance RC Drone Quadcopter

 799 632.99 USD
Brand: GDU Model: O2
4K Camera + 3 Axis Stabilized Camera Gimbal
O2 has one of the world’s smallest 3-axis stabilized camera gimbals that can capture amazing footages in 4K. The perfect combination of small body size and the power 3-Axis gimbal allows you to truly unfold your creativity wherever you go.
Sliding Arm Technology
O2 is the first drone in the industry that uses a sliding-arm technology to create extreme portability. Using aviation aluminum is also the most endurable propeller arm in its class. First time in history, portability will help safeguard your flight.
O2 support up to 1km range transmitting
Vision Positioning
The vision positioning systems allows the O2 to keep fully stable both outdoors and indoors and recognize objects below the drone for even safer landing.
Obstacle Avoidance
The Binocular Obstacle Avoidance System helps O2 to see the objects in its path and stop at safe distance automatically. Now you can focus on the shots without worrying running into things.
Smart Features
O2 has a full pack of smart features so you can get creative anywhere anytime through one easy touch. The onboard Qualcomm SnapDragonTM processor allows O2 to be intelligent and friendly, so you can be an expert in aerial photography in seconds.
Innovation design
All-in-on innovation design, the folded remote and drone can matched with each other, and storage together as a complete part. There is no other fragile parts outside, users can easily put them together with GDU carry bag. What is more, the smart phone and tablet holding slot is adjustable according to different width. No need to buy extra Tablet holder.
We’ve developed an all new GDU Mini App for O2 to make it more compatible for your everyday life. It allows you to connect to the drone faster, see he view dearer, perform all smart functions and even fly the drone without the remote. Its build-in Editing and Sharing function is a fast lane for you to connect with your friends and share your excitement via social media
Module Function Details Features
Drone Size 185.5*52*93 mm
Weight With Battery 708 g
Without Battery 395 g
Speed Max. Flight Speed 15m/s
Max. Ascent Speed 5m/s
Max. Decent Speed 3m/s
Height Max. Flight Height 3500 m
Hover Time Without Propeller Guard 20 Min.
With Propeller Guard 15 Min.
Working Environment 0ºC to 40ºC
Others Firmware Update APP online update
Auto Return Support
Wind Resistant 3 level and under
Gimbal Type 3 Axis
Range Pitch -90º to 30º
Roll -30º to 30º
Yaw -30º to 30º
Camera Sensor 1/3 inch CMOS
Photograph Pixel 13MP (4208*3120)
Format JPG
Video Pixel
4K: 3840×[email protected] 30fps;
1080P: 1920*1080 @30fps;
720P: 1280*720 @30fps;
Format MP4
Storage O2 16GB
Formatting Support APP/Computer formatting
Real Time Range O2 1KM
Video Resolution WiFi O2 720P(at)30fps
APP OS IOS/Android
Re-connecting Response Range 3s
Remote Working Frequency O2 5.8GHZ
Control Range O2 1KM
Battery 1200mAh
Working Time 1.5h
Working Temp. 0ºC to 40ºC
Working Voltage 7.6V
Connecting Port Lightning, Micro USB, Type C
APP Control Range 80m
Control Height 50m
Real Time Video 720P(at)30fps
Vision Sensor Dual Obstacle Avoidance Detecting Range Adjustable with 0.5m to 15m
Working Environment Lux>15, Common room light
Downside Vision (Light Flow + Ultra Sonic) Vertical Detecting Range 0.3m to 13m
Horizontal Detecting Range 0.3m to 13m
Working Environment Lux>15, Common room light
APP Smart Mode Dual Obstacle Avoidance Support
Follow Me Support
Circle Mode Support
Gesture V Gesture to take photo
Palm to take video
Smart Vide Rocket Mode, Dronie Mode, Circle
Contineous Shooting Vertical Mode, Inverted Mode
E Zoom 5X Eletronic Zoom
Time Laps Support
Slow Mode Support
Media One Key Share Support to share to APP (wechat, QQ, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Power Charger Voltage 13.05V
Drone Battery 4000mAh Charging Time 1h 40min.
Remote Control Battery 1200mAh Charging 1h 40min.
Drone Battery and Remote Battery
simultaneously Charging
2h 20min.

Circle Mode
1.Vision Circle flight used for Close range distance circling.
2.Click on the target object in camera preview interface , cursor highlight the target . when the target is locked, the aircraft visual system will focus on target, maintain a certain height, distance and speed fly circling around . ( defualt height 5m, distance 5 m)
3.Quit Visual Circle mode by tap quit menu, Aircraft keep hovering status.
4.Circling around focus on self, click on the cursor target as yourself, aircraft will fly circling around.
5.when short video complete, aircraft enter hovering status. only circling 1 round .
Rocket Mode
1.From the current position of the vertical flight, the rising speed about 2m/s, the height defaut to be 40m (tentative 40m).or ( take about 10-15 s video) .
2.when complete Vertical shot , aircraft enter hovering status. Vertical mode, Gimbal and camera turn downward automatically
Dronie Mode
1.when start this smart mode, aircraft position is controled by manual firstly, and adjust the camera to capture Target .
2.backward speed is 3m/s camera angle is downward 45°
3.backward distance default to be 40m target is to recording 10-15s video
Advanced Follow me mode
1.Double click to select the tracing target , displaying cursor of target , if tracing actived, vision system start to trace automatically. cursor locked tracing target, aircraft and gimbal adjust automatically, to make sure target been locked and be captured in camera display .
3.Quit trace status, the aircraft enter hovering status automatically.
Return Home
Burst mode: Digital zooming 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x.All 5 photos shoot complete within 1 second
Time Laps: Follow iphone, recording 10s, playing 1 s.
Slow Motion: Follow iphone, recording 1s, playing 6 s.
Gesture Recognition.
Package Included:
1 x Quadcopter
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Power Cable
1 x Charger for Remote Controller
3 x USB Cable
2 x Propellers
5 x Manuals
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