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MSH Protos 380 EVO 6CH 3D Flying Flybarless RC Helicopter Kit With Carbon Fiber Tail Tube

MSH Protos 380 EVO 6CH 3D Flying Flybarless RC Helicopter Kit With Carbon Fiber Tail Tube

 318.99 USD
Brand: Topacc
MSH Protos 380 EVOMSH Protos 380
CanopyThe installation method is different
Tail TubeCarbon fiberiron

Protos 380 pushes the legendary Mini Protos design concept to a new level. The latest model 380 has incredible flight performance and durability. MSH uses more than ten years of airframe design experience and customer feedback to create truly amazing things. Designed from the ground, breaking performance barriers, providing a new experience that has not been seen in a helicopter of this size.
The design features of Protos 380 are light weight, while providing an extremely sturdy body, which can fly as you want. Few parts and fast repairs give you more time to practice flight. Use high-strength materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and composite plastics.
The future of the 380mm helicopter has arrived, and a new legend has been born.
The cool appearance of the Evo version is the choice for face control
MSH Evoluzione takes design aesthetics to new heights. The 100% carbon fiber tailpipe is not only beautiful, but also very strong. The Evoluzione tailpipe maximizes tail performance. The Evoluzione hood is streamlined and flush with the tail pipe, enhancing the aerodynamic performance of the whole machine.
Double belt drive
Protos 380 uses a robust dual-belt garbox with automatic belt tensioner. Allows you to fly thousands of maintenance-free flights, with quiet and smooth transmission. Protos 380 can withstand huge power without transmission noise. 600 class one-way bearing assembly.
Undead landing gear
MSH is known for its proficiency in compound plastics. The immortal tripod has excellent toughness. Protect the body.
Automatic belt tensioner
MSH is a big fan of "don't care about it once you set it up". The automatic belt tensioner pushes the performance of the Protos 380's tail to new heights, while allowing the pilot to forget to check and set the tension after the flight, despite changing environmental conditions. It also allows the tension to be reduced, thereby significantly improving the spin performance.
Hood magnet mounting system:
Protos 380 inherits the greatest tradition of Protos, with MSH's unique hood mounting system. The hood is easily installed and removed, and the installation system uses a powerful magnet with a cup-shaped bracket.
Large ESC space:
One of the design goals of Protos 380 is setting flexibility. The large ESC hole can accommodate 100A ESC.
Rugged tail system for ultimate performance:
Changing the belt is very easy. Therefore, the Protos 380 uses an aluminum total single-sided tail box, which makes on-site replacement fast and simple without removing the tail shaft.
The tail uses a thrust tail rotor clip design for precise tail control. The Protos 380 achieves a high tail gear ratio (4.3), with a low profile tailpipe, capable of the most demanding maneuvers. The optional acceleration gear ratio provides a 4.47 ratio, which enables extremely high tail performance even at lower speeds. The tail can handle extreme over-rotation without resonance, making over-rotation simple.
The 17mm tailpipe design does not require a tail brace, which can reduce weight and optimize tail performance.
Double belt drive system. 9mm main belt, 4mm tail belt
Large propeller maximum 385 mm, minimum 325 mm
The battery options LiPo range from 3s to 6s. The recommended setting is 1300mah to 1800mah 6s (2200mah 6s max).
Battery compartment size 24mmx33mmx100mm
Recommended battery Lipo 6s 1800mAh
Main rotor diameter 864mm (with 380mm propeller)
Tail fin diameter 181mm (with 68mm tail rotor)
Total length without propeller 800mm
Total length of propeller 1003mm (with 380mm blade)
Spindle diameter 6mm
Tail shaft diameter 5mm
Height 235 mm
Swashplate servo 3x small servo
Tail servo 1x micro or medium servo
Motor gear: 21T 5mm inner hole inside [5mm hole: 20T, 22T, 23T, 24T, 25T optional]
Main gear 120T
Tail gear ratio 4.27: 1
Tail pipe diameter 17mm
Diameter of horizontal axis 5mm
Package Included:
1*MSH Protos 380 EVO 6CH 3D Flying Flybarless RC Helicopter Kit
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